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Trail at Valley River Park
Freedom Trail
Tail of the Newt Motor Scooter / Bike Trail
Marble Springs Outdoor Education Trail
Hyatt Creek Road
Stewart Road Loop
Snowbird Crest Mountain Bike Run
Junaluska Road to Nantahala Shores
Heritage Park

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The trail at the Valley River Park encircles the base ball and multi-purpose fields used by the schools and community. The near half mile (2350 foot walkway) is 10 feet wide asphalt and is an excellent surface for exercise walking and learning bikers. The trail winds amid flowers, shrubs, and trees along Tatham Creek and the Valley River. Complementing the trail is a Fishing Pier that was constructed and funded by the NC Fish and Wildlife. Adjacent is river access for canoe, kayak, or tubing activities. Park benches are located appropriately for rests and meditation. Trash containers and plenty of parking are available. Professional landscaping is maintained by volunteers.

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