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Heritage Park

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The trail at Heritage Park is located to the north of the Andrews Recreation Complex, adjacent to the swimming pool, ball fields, playgrounds, and open space of that Park. It is a “near-one mile”, multi-purpose gravel trail that encircles over 30 acres of open space and woodland that for thousands of years was farmland for the Valley Towns of the Cherokee.

You will walk or bike along the recently improved Town Branch and Valley River; observing wildlife, a disc golf course, model plane field, wetlands, and river cane. To the east is open pasture with active bee hives. Views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular. Across Valley River is the state of North Carolina’s premier Rest Stop. Entrances are a short walk from the Andrews Chamber of Commerce; behind the Post Office on Wilson Street, at the rear of the Shopping center, or through the Recreation Park behind the swimming pool. Two small bridges cross Town Branch.

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