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Option on way back to Andrews at the West end of the Tail of the Newt, Hyatt Creek Loop offers a little different scenery on a less traveled road.

Turn onto Hyatt Creek Rd heading north toward Dancing Tree. Continue onto State Rd 1379. Right turn onto Coalville Rd and ride approximately 1.4 miles. Coalville Rd will end at Airport Road. Turn left to go to Andrews or Right to go to Marble.

Additional mileage information based on Tail of the Newt ride

  • 12.3 Miles Right to Coalville Road
  • 14.3 miles back to Airport Road
  • Turn Left to return to town
  • 16.2 at Marble Elementary School
  • Back on Route 2 bike route toward town on Airport Road
  • 20.7 Miles HWY 74 back toward town
  • End 21.7 Miles at Locust Street & Main Street
  • Add 2/10 mile if staring at the fire station
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